MacOS 10.13 Release Date, Features & Wishlist

Apple rolled out its new operating system MacOS Sierra (version 10.12) on September 20, 2016. It’s been a couple of months, and now we stand amidst rumours surrounding the OS’ 2017 update, allegedly called the MacOS 10.13. The OS could be bringing in some major changes or could be enhancing what version 10.12 already offers. To find out, here we have made a roundup of all news, rumours and hints surrounding the upcoming operating system.

MacOS 10.13 Release Date

Apple has been fairly predictable with Mac’s operating system launch. They unveiled Sierra at the WWDC 2016, so you can bet the MacOS 10.13 will be launched at the WWDC 2017. Apple WWDC 2017 event will take place in June. They’ll unveil, demonstrate and roll out a beta version for developers. A month later, the first public beta version will be launched, while newer developer’s version will be rolled out. By September, the final version of MacOS 10.13 should roll out, just in time when either iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S come out.

MacOS 10.13 Name

Apple has long stopped naming their Mac OS after big cats and has begun naming them after place, for instance, Sierra is named after the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. There are hundreds of such names that Apple could pick, so it’s kind of hard to close in on just one. Moreover, this year’s update will most likely first have a code name before settling on an aesthetically sounding name.

MacOS 10.13 Wishlist: What We Want To See In The Next OS?

Apple has been launching new and updated operating system every time. Although Sierra has only just been rolled out, we already see a number of loopholes that can be easily fulfilled by the next MacOS update. These are our MacOS 10.13 wishlist, do tell us if we missed anything you want to see.


System-wide Dark Mode

Although Mac provides a dark mode but it’s limited to only Dock and Menu bar. The mode could, very well, be integrated throughout the system, so that anyone can make use of the mode while working on the desktop. There’s a good chance of MacOS 10.13 coming with a system-wide dark mode because as per rumours, Apple is developing a Dark Mode re-skin called Marble.


Multiple Docks For Multiple Display

Having a dual or more display could make navigations a bed of roses. There’s already a decking system for quick access to the most-used files and folders, but for people using multiple displays, the system is limiting. For multiple display users, same docks are undesired, but there’s no way to change or edit them. But if not multiple docking for multiple displays, then at least, there could be some way to editing or changing the docking system.


iTunes Overhaul

Although an amazing app, iTunes is due on redesigning. Last year there were rumours that the iTunes along with Apple Music app for iOS will be redesigned for better user experience. While the Music app was altered in design, Apple skipped iTunes, which, to be honest needs some major redesigning


‘Save As’ Shortcut

Apple had trashed the save-as command and its place brought Duplicate in its iWork app. Ever since it was removed, Apple users have been asking to bring back the Save As command to your Mac’s file menu. We are not sure what prompted Apple to get rid of the shortcut and very evidently, the alternative hasn’t earned popularity. Bring back the option will be a good idea for people used to the Save As shortcut – Command+Shift+S.


Mac Version of the iOS Health App

Apple needs to offer a desktop version of the Health app that is currently iOS only. It’s easier to keep an eye on your health data if it appears on the desktop while working. So that we don’t have to switch between iPhone and Mac to track stats related to our health. With a desktop version of the app, there’ll be rooms for full utilisation of the data received and perhaps there’ll b option to share and compare data with friends and family.

These are only a couple of ideas that we feel are necessary for macOS 10.13 to have. It’ll help in the overall user experience because although Sierra is great, it falls short in justifying the upgrade on several levels.

Wrap Up

Apple will soon be launching the follow-up to macOS Sierra. We tried touching on everything the macOS 10.13 to bring in when it rolls out in mdi-2017. As per reports and if Apple were to incorporate a few points in the wishlist, the upcoming macOS would most likely be the savviest macOS till date. We have our fingers crossed.