iOS 11 Release Date Speculation, Rumors (in 2017)

iOS 11 Release Date: It has not been long since the iOS 10 was unveiled and already the fans have started inquiring about the iOS 11 release date. The iOS 10 is the best operating system Apple has developed and offers loads of innovative features. But the fans are craving for more and they want the iOS 11 to release as soon as possible. So now the question arises when will be iOS 11 get released and when Apple will successfully launch the much anticipated operating system globally? In this article we have tried to decode the iOS 11 official release date.

iOS 11 Release Date

iOS 11 Release Date

iOS Release Date History

As Apple loves to stick to their tradition, it is more likely that they will follow the same release date pattern they have followed over the years. So first, we have checked the release date of the previous iOS release dates to find a clue. If you notice the release date of iOS 9 and iOS 10, you will see Apple has chosen the month of September to release their brand new operating systems. Even the iOS 7 was also released in the same month. So take a look on the release date history of the previous iOS versions below:

  • iOS 4 Release Date: June, 2010
  • iOS 5 Release Date: June, 2011
  • ​iOS 6 Release Date: June, 2012
  • ​iOS 7 Release Date: June, 2013
  • ​iOS 8 Release Date: June, 2014
  • ​iOS 9 Release Date: September, 2015
  • iOS 10 Release Date: September, 2016

iOS 11 Release Date Speculation

It is clear that Apple always releases its new operating system in the second quarter of the year, most preferably in the month June or September, during the company’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). So we can easily expect that the iOS 11 will also follow the same pattern and will be released during the WWDC 2017, which is scheduled to take place in the second week of the September,2017. The Cupertino-based tech conglomerate also releases a Beta version of the operating system for the testers and the developers before the official release of the iOS to find the bugs and to better the OS. So, the iOS 11 Beta version is expected to come out in July, 2017.

So friends, excited enough for the iOS 11 Release Date? Only a few months to go before we could see another brand new iOS with some new and innovative features. If you want to know about the probable iOS 11 features, check out our other articles on those topics.

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