iOS 11 Features Wishlist (What’s New)

iOS 11 Features: The operating system updates from Apple have been rather tame over the last few years, but the iOS 10 did bring in some changes to make the platform suitable for some of the significant design upgrades that the iPhone lineup went through in 2016. The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are hefty new additions to Apple's flagship series, but they still left a lot to be desired. To some extent, the case remains the same with the iOS 10. So as Apple loyalists around the world are looking forward to the release of some truly next-gen upgrades for both their devices and software, here we are compiling a list of all the probable iOS 11 features may come with.

iOS 11 Features Wishlist (New)

The iOS 10 was announced by Tim Cook at the WWDC 2016, and the software was officially rolled out in September this year. In all honesty, the new version scored well with critics and users, but Apple still has a long way to go to truly amaze fans with new added features. But with the current year about to take a turn, fans are expecting the upcoming iOS 11 to meet them at least halfway. And with the iOS 11 release date coinciding with Apple's tenth year anniversary, Apple may just have a number of surprises in store. So let's take a look at the iOS 11 features.

An Adaptive Dark Mode: Among all the things that the iOS 11 beta is supposed to come with, a Dark Mode ranks pretty high on the lost of possibilities. Apple device users have been rooting for something like this for a long time now, and the iOS 10 is somewhat capable of mimicking this. But the feature is yet to come to the platform full-fledged.

The iOS 11 is more or less confirmed to come with a dark mode, because Apple has already introduced the feature on a different platform. Introducing the Dark Mode will have multiple advantages: first off, it will put less strain on the eyes while reading or viewing something on the iPhone in the dark. Keeping the dark mode on during low light conditions will also help save Apple devices from unnecessarily draining their batteries.

iOS 11 Wishlist

VR Compatibility: Amidst the growing popularity of Virtual Reality technology, we can't imagine Apple lagging behind their biggest competitors in the field. While Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and every other big name in the tech world have already forayed well ahead in VR tech, Apple is yet to make a mark.

while Apple loyalists appreciate the fact that the company is not all about following trends but rather creating them, we think that Apple will mark their first step in smartphone VR in a big way with the iOS 11. This could also mean that we'll see Apple launch a new VR wearable that will work with the technology in the iOS 11. So in ways more than one, VR in iOS will be a feature to look out for. And iOS 11 will be the perfect place for Apple to do that.

An Improved SiriWhen Apple first introduced Siri, they took the world by storm. The ability to talk to your smartphone and ask it to do things for you (and even randomly converse with it) became a favourite pastime for Apple users. But to get to the point where Siri is today, the company has taken a long time. Using Siri during its first few days was not just frustrating, but also outright infuriating if you were from anywhere outside of the US. But while Siri has improved a ton, there still is a long way to go. Fortunately, it seems that Apple is already working hard on that front. The company has reportedly assembled a team of Artificial Intelligence experts to make Siri smarter and more natural, human sounding. Additionally, Siri on the iOS 11 could also be opened up to be made compatible with third party applications.

iOS 11 Features

That means that iOS 11 onwards, Siri could be used to manage apps and tasks that are not just related to Apple's core applications. Some of the third party apps that are expected to be supported by Siri's voice control AI tech are messaging platforms like Whatsapp and transportation apps such as Uber among many others.

Quick Customisation: One of the small conveniences that Apple device users lack as compared to other companies' products is the ability to switch between settings quickly when needed. Though the Control Centre has been revamped and made more user-friendly with the iOS 10, there still are certain tweaks that Apple users wish to see.

For instance, users can't personalise their devices as much as they would like to, as the iOS 10 still does not provide the opportunity to create their own shortcuts on the toggle bar swapping out other, less-used ones. But Apple has already taken the time to make valuable changes to the Control Centre with the last iOS version. We are certain this feature will see a host of new improvements with the arrival of the iOS 11.

Advanced Maps: Let's face it, Google is leagues ahead of anyone else in terms of map services, but Apple is reportedly trying to play catch up. The company has already made apparent its plans to vastly improve upon their existing maps, for which it will resort to drones for instant and updated information that will be displayed on the iPhone or iPad's maps. This new revamped Maps feature with rapid updates is likely to be rolled out with the iOS 11.

Wrap Up....

We already have a lot to look forward to from Apple next year, and these are just a few of the features that the iOS 11 will come with when it is released in September 2017. If truth be told, then we are really excited to know what Apple has been working on to deliver a truly top-of-the-line experience with the iOS 11 and the iPhone 8 next year. Meanwhile, if you would like to know about which Apple devices will be compatible with the iOS 11, check out the 'Compatibility' section. You can also browse through some of the other sections of our site to know more about iOS 11's Concept Design, Wishlist and Beta.

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