iOS 11 Beta Download (How to Activate in Less Than 5 Minutes)

iOS 11 Beta Download: As we all know, Apple launches an updated version of their exclusive mobile operating system, known as the iOS, every year. Originally launched in 2007 alongside the iPhone, the iOS has come a long way. The newest version, the iOS 10, was announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2016 and finally released in September just days before the iPjone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus's unveiling. As was expected from it, the iOS 10 took Apple fans by storm when it first surfaced, thanks to the host of new features that reintroduced several existing apps in a brand new avatar. Its integration with the new 3D Touch technology in the iPhone 7 was also extremely well-received.

iOS 11 Beta 1

iOS 11 Beta 1

iOS Beta Release Date

The iOS 10 has since got a number of updates and is currently on its fifth update with the iOS 10.2. But now as the year is about to take a turn towards 2017, Apple users are looking forward to the next, revamped version of the mobile platform- the much-awaited iOS 11- which is expected to come out sometime during September 2017. But as with all major versions of the iOS, the excitement begins much ahead of its release date with the Beta. The Beta, quite simply, is a pre-release testing version of an upcoming iOS which is launched a few months prior to its release. The aim is for a select few users who sign up to experience the phenomenon, give feedback, and spread the word. So when can we expect to see the iOS 11 Beta surface?

IOS 11 Download

iOS 11 Download

Going by their history, Apple has always been a stickler for punctuality when it comes to new releases. New iOS versions in previous years have followed a strict routine when it comes to their launch, with the platform aiming for a mid-September release window over the last couple of years. So it may be said with some amount of certainty that the iOS 11 will be announced during the WWDC in June 2017 with the release happening during September 2017. As for the iOS 11 Beta, we are likely to see Apple making it available a few months before, around June.

In fact, now that we are closing in on the WWDC event that is usually slated for June every year, we know that the iOS 11 Beta release date is just around the corner. What is more is that we already know when the event kicks off, and Apple will in all probability announce the new OS update during its opening keynote. WWDC 2017 begins on June 5 and will last until June 9, but it is on June 5 itself that we expect iOS 11 to be announced. As is to be anticipated, the announcement will highlight many of the software’s latest features, and we can expect most of them to be made available for the Beta testing.

After the WWDC concludes, it won’t be long before we get to see the release of the iOS 11 beta release. The first one will be for developers, while the public beta will follow through shortly. In its public beta stage, we already expect to see some of the biggest features being included. These may range from a much better Siri to a revamped iMessage. Now keep in mind that the beta stage only brings forth the features in development, and the final product will only be introduced when the iOS 11 gets its full release in September later this year.

The three months' window will give the company the chance to consider all the user feedback they get and implement them to optimise the OS before it finally hits devices. However, none of this has been officially confirmed by Apple or their sources. But we assure you that this space will be updated as soon as we hear something concrete about the iOS 11 Beta release date.

How does the iOS 11 Beta work?

As mentioned before, Apple makes the Beta versions available a few months prior to the actual release date. All Apple users can participate in the public beta program and provide valuable feedback to the company while using the Beta, and the iOS 11 Download will be no different. As someone who is new to the testing, you can begin your participation in the Apple Beta Software Program by signing up for it on Apple's official page (you can find all the details below). After you sign up, you need to enroll your Apple device (with the help of its unique identification code) to be granted access to all the public betas of the macOS or the iOS. Giving feedback is easy as well, as each public beta comes coupled with its own Feedback Assistant application via which you can report issues directly to Apple that you may come across.

iOS 11 Beta Download- A Step by Step Guide

Being one of the first people to test out Apple's new iOS 11 is sure to have its perks. But there are certain issues that you need to prepare yourself for to begin with. The Beta version of any iOS comes with a lot of bugs, so make sure you back up the device that you wish to install the iOS 11 Beta on prior to signing up. You can use iCloud or iTunes for this purpose. After you have done that, follow the steps below to download and install iOS 11 Beta on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: After you're done with backing up your device, head over to Apple's official beta registration page, sign up for the program and register your device by entering its unique identification code.

Step 2: Now follow the instructions to download the iOS 11 Beta version on your registered Apple device. Quite obviously, this can only be done after Apple officially announces iOS 11 and rolls out the iOS 11 Beta.

Step 3: Visit iTunes and click on "Upgrade the beta version of the software" option for iPhone or iPad. You should be able to see the files installed successfully on your device. Start exploring all the features that Apple has on offer with the new iOS 11. Remember that the iOS 11 Beta is just a developer testing version and the final released version may implement a lot of changes.

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